The Joy of Trekking and The Outdoors

The Joy of Trekking

I am an enthusiastic Trekker, which means I like walking in nature with a big backpack that contains food, water, tent and cooking utensils. It often also means being in remote places, caring a heavy backpack in cold or hot climates, cooking dull food and sleeping on rocks or on an uneven surface. While some might consider this torture, I gain great pleasure from it. I guess that some people just can understand it but I will still try to explain.

When I trek, I find myself submerge with the surrounding, it can be in the desert, forest, mountain or the shore. I blend into the environment and we become one. The plants, trees and animals are my housemates, and home is wherever I choose to pitch my tent. Very different from the city or driving in the countryside, where there is a barrier between nature and me.

When I trek I enjoy observing. I constantly notice the weather, the shape of the clouds and how they move in the sky, I pay attention to the type of vegetation that is around me, not only for its aesthetics but also for the different uses it may provide, such as food, cordage or medicinal. Together with that, I keep my eyes and ears open for wildlife and their tracks.

Walking with all the gear I need to be self sustain, gives me a sense of independence, security, achievement and most importantly, freedom. I can stop to cook wherever I want and whenever I feel hungry, there is simply no need to walk to the nearest restaurant or supermarket. Moreover, I can stay at one place for a few days or wake up every morning in a new one. In other words, I don’t have to walk until I get to a guesthouse/hotel or a hut, I can just pitch my tent when I feel I walked enough or maybe because I found the perfect spot to watch the sunrise.

Yes, trekking can painful, and I feel that pain in many part of my body. The feet might get blisters, my legs muscles will ache, my shoulders will constantly transmit pain and the backpack will seem heavier with every minute that will pass. I look at this as a minor fee that I have to “pay” for having the beautiful and rewarding experience of trekking in nature.

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